Wounded Vets Disrespected by College Students at Warrior Beach Retreat


College fraternity members threw beer and spit on wounded military veterans and a service dog and urinated on the American flag according to news reports out of Florida. Wounded vets were in Panama City Beach, Florida for the annual Warrior Beach Retreat when this group of cowards from University of Florida and Emory University harassed and disrespected our heroes and our flag. Watch the video below for more on this story and follow the links provided to give these fraternity members and schools a piece of your mind.

Wounded Vets Disrespected by College Students

Give These Groups a Piece of Your Mind

While we always appreciate your comments here at BuiltUSA, we would like to share the following links so you can give your piece of mind to those who need it most. Let these people know how you feel about their behavior toward our wounded military veterans and our American flag.

Zeta Beta Tau Facebook Page

University of Florida Facebook Page

Emory University Facebook Page

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