Woman Robs 88-year-old Kansas City Veteran In Broad Daylight

woman robs

Bill is an 88-year-old war veteran. He served in the Korean War and has been married to his lovely wife for over 61 years. It was during early morning hours that Bill and his wife were leisurely exiting their local Walgreens.

How It Happened

As they were leaving the store a ragged woman ran up behind Bill and attempted to steal Bill’s wallet out of his back pocket.

“I was kind of shook up right at first,” Bill said. “I just can’t believe it happened to me in broad daylight!”

The two struggled and the woman even ripped the veteran’s pants before she made off with his wallet.

“After she got my bill fold out, she turned around and started running off,” he said.

As the culprit got in her car and attempted to peel out of the store’s parking lot, Bill quickly jotted down her license plate. Thankfully, because Bill got this piece of vital information, the police were able to track the robber back to her house later that day!

Who Was She …

The robber was later identified as Coreletta Luster. Luster is currently 31-years-old and has a 7-month-old baby.

Police on the scene later discovered that Luster had left the baby alone in her car while she was committing the robbery. Luster now faces charges for stealing and endangering the welfare of a child.

“I was in such shock,” Bill said. “I’ve never had it done before like that.”

After recounting the incident, Bill remarks he would have had no problem helping the woman out, had he known her situation.

“If she would’ve come up with her baby,” Bill said, “and said, ‘Would you help? I don`t have any money to feed my baby,’ I probably would’ve given her some money.”

Luster was finally charged earlier this summer for stealing. Police have reported that she is also being investigated in connection to another strong-armed robbery that took place in Grandview.


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