“I woke up this morning and found my face all over Facebook and with it myriad of amazing comments about my accomplishments,” Idrache wrote Tuesday on Facebook. “I am humbled and shocked at the same time. Thank you for giving me a shot at the American Dream and may God bless America, the greatest country on earth.”

Tears drip down Idrache’s cheeks as he stands in formation, along with fellow graduates, his hand tightly gripped in his hands.  Alix was born in Haiti and immigrated to the U.S.  earning his citizenship.  He then began his education at the extremely respected Academy at West Point.  His tears were not without precedent but the reasons for them are special.

Graduating from the prestigious and long established Military Academy at West Point is a incredible honor and a feat of dedication and determination.  It is no wonder the soldiers may become emotional in such a moment.  But, the photo of 2ndLt. Alix Schoelcher Idrache touched tens of thousands of people as it became viral on social media outlets.

In a response to his photo being showcased on an Instagram feed he commented,  “Three things came to mind and led to those tears,” he wrote. “The first is where I started. I am from Haiti and never did I imagine that such honor would be one day bestowed on me. The second is where I am. Men and women who have preserved the very essence of the human condition stood in that position and took the same oath… The third is my future. Shortly after leave, I will report to FT. Rucker [Fort Rucker, Alabama] to start flight school. Knowing that one day I will be a pilot is humbling beyond words.”

Idrache gave praise and recognition to Capt. Kristen Griest, 1st Lt. Shay Haver and Maj. Lisa Jaster, who last year, were the first female graduates from the Army’s Ranger School.  “I could not help but be flooded with emotions knowing that I will be leading these men and women who are willing to give their all to preserve what we value as the American way of life,” Idrache wrote. “To me, that is the greatest honor.”

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