Watch Angry Veterans Confront Pokemon Go Players Gaming In A Veteran’s Park


A video of a war veteran angrily yelling at a Pokemon Go player in a veteran’s park has recently gone viral. The debate escalates between multiple veterans and Pokemon Go players in the video over the importance of respect versus the need to try to catch as many Pokemon in a cherished public place. The simple confrontation escalates quite quickly. Some of the young adults can be seen taunting some of the veterans present, resulting in the veterans eventually threatening violence.

The police were quickly called to the scene as tensions continued to escalate. At one point the video also shows one of the angered veterans tackling and tearing down the tent that the Pokemon Go players had set up on the park property.

One of the many Pokemon Go players that can be seen in the video along with his pregnant girlfriend recently posted on Facebook,

“I would not have reacted the way I did if he was rational about it and not verbally and physically attacking my [girlfriend]. Please share this so people can see how it started. Sorry for the drama but this guy was an (expletive). Many other vets have came down and were civil about everything.”

Nick Hanson had publically explained that oftentimes individuals would yell obscenities at those that were present at the park and clearly playing Pokemon Go. It is clearly witnessed in the video that the veterans believe that such actions are completely disrespectful to the service that they gave for their country.

The Police charged the most aggressive of the veterans with disorderly conduct. This charge was mostly due to the fact that the veteran dismantled and destroyed the tent that was being used by Nick Hanson’s pregnant girlfriend who can also be viewed in the video.

Due to this incident, the city council has been asked to step in, in order to determine if Pokemon Go should be continually played in the park.

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