Volunteers help sick veteran in Raymond


Retired Lance Cpl. Terrence Mulligan, 59, served in the 1970s, when he was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and in Okinawa.

His family said he was one the Marines exposed to contaminated water at Camp Lejeune decades ago.

His wife, Linda Mulligan, said her husband is so ill, that he qualifies for a double lung transplant and a liver transplant.

He is too ill to take care of projects on the family farm, so strangers showed up at his home to help lift his burden.

“Yeah, we don’t leave our brothers behind. He’s a Marine,” said Albert Peel, of the Veterans’ Relief Organization.

A team made up of veterans, family friends and the organization “Mentor, Discover, Inspire” went to work tackling projects around the house that Terrence Mulligan can no longer do himself.

“I am just overwhelmed with the love. Can you imagine those people are doing this out of compassion for my husband? They don’t even know him, but being a veteran, there’s no greater thing than paying it forward. This is a true example of it,” said Linda Mulligan.

Unfortunately, Terrence Mulligan was not feeling well enough to come outside to see the helpful hands at his home, but his wife said he is grateful.

“He is, he’s very grateful. He’s blown away,” said Linda Mulligan. “He can’t understand why people would do this for him and they don’t even know him.”

“It’s definitely great to be able to help a man who has put so much on the line for our country,” said Brain Mumford, of Mentor, Discover, Inspire. “It feels good to do something for the community and it really that’s what it’s all about.” – WMUR9

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