Vietnam Veteran Beaten At Gas Station For Supporting Trump


Charlie Daniels is a 68-year-old Vietnam war veteran who was badly beaten this past Sunday after telling a store clerk he was planning on voting for Donald Trump.

The incident occurred at a Jacksonville Shell gas station. After waiting in line and finalizing his purchase for the day, the store clerk simply asked the war veteran who he was planning on voting for. As their conversation continued and Daniels admitted he was voting for Trump, a man standing in line directly behind Daniels became irritated and intensely upset.

Daniels had admitted to the store clerk that he was in fact a Vietnam veteran and was planning on voting for Trump with hopes that he would help “get the country back on track”.

Immediately after he said this, the man behind him began cursing at Daniels and then promptly left the convenience store.

Police have reported that the surveillance video at the gas station clearly shows the disturbed man approach Daniels later outside by the gas pumps.

Daniels told police that he had repeatedly told the man that he did not want to fight and that Daniels tried to escape the altercation multiple times.

The attacker proceeded to continually push Daniels and eventually punched him directly in the face.

After this initial blow, Daniels fell to the ground immediately. The attacker continued to kick Daniels in the stomach and forearm.

Eventually the man walked away. As Daniels got up to flee in his vehicle the attacker charged at him once again, and repeatedly threatened him before he finally drove away in a white suburban.

When police arrived, Daniels’s face was swollen and his nose and mouth were bleeding heavily. The veteran suffered a severe arm injury in 2015. The attack further disturbed this injury and also broke his wrist.

At this point the police have still not found the attacker.

Any locals who could possibly have information about this incident are encouraged to call 866-845-TIPS. Any callers will remain anonymous and have the potential of receiving a reward for up to $3,000!

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