Video: Wounded Veteran and Family Facing Eviction Over Service Dog


In a video interview, a wounded veteran says he and his military family are facing eviction because of his service dog. Jon Jans, a wounded Iraq War veteran who suffered serious brain injuries from a roadside bomb in Iraq, says he owes his life to his service dog Alli. Now, after living in the Manchester Court apartment complex in suburban Chicago for four years, Jans says he and his family were told they have to move at the end of their lease. Watch the wounded veteran discuss his eviction notice and his loyal service dog Alli in the video below.

Jans believes he and his family are victims of housing discrimination. He believes the new management company is violating his rights. The potential eviction is putting undo stress on the wounded veteran and his family. So, now, Jans is in talks with an attorney over his next course of action.

Unfortunately, once again, we are seeing another story where a brave veteran who served our country seems to be singled out and discriminated against due to his/her military service dog. We hope that those who treat our veterans with service dogs with disrespect will be punished accordingly and also educated on how important these service dogs are to the health and safety of our wounded veterans.

Service Dog at Center of Eviction Dispute for Wounded Veteran

As you watch the interview with Jon Jans below, you will see there seems to be a dispute between both parties on why this veteran’s family is being evicted. The management company would not give a definitive answer when approached by FOX 32 in Chicago, but they did tell the station the Jans’ apartment was unclean and the dog ran loose in the apartment complex.

A Manchester Courts Supervisor told FOX 32 the following in an email:

“…maintenance technicians have seen dog feces and smelled dog urine in the Jans apartment on multiple occasions.”

She said despite multiple warnings, “This Jans family continued to let their dog out unleashed and unsupervised to defecate as it pleased.”

As you see in the interview with the wounded veteran below, Jans refutes the claims made management of Manchester Court apartment complex. He insists that his family is clean and that his military service dog Alli wears an electronic collar which satisfies the leash law.

One thing we found particularly interesting was that the wounded Iraq War veteran mentioned that they have made complaints to their management company about mold issues in their apartment – complaints that have been ignored. Mold remediation is an expensive process.

Could it be management at Manchester Court apartment complex in Chicago could be using the “service dog issue” as an excuse to evict Jans and his family to avoid addressing the mold issue?

Interview with Wounded Veteran Jon Jans

Video and post image courtesy of Fox News Video.

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