VIDEO: Sailors Give WWII Navy Veteran A Tear Jerking Surprise


A video of World War II veteran, Ernest Thompson, being honored outside of his own home has gone viral. Thompson admits that he was “having one of the best days of his life”.

Thompson is peacefully sitting on his front porch when he is met with his surprise. Chief selects from the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center were more than happy to visit Thompson. In formation the group proudly sang the Navy’s march song,  “Anchors Aweigh”.

The WWII veteran had served on the USS Missouri during the war. It was on this ship that he witnessed Japan surrender. He was also aboard the USS Tennessee the day Pear Harbor was attacked.

Jonathan Williams is Ernest’s grandson. He is also the CEO of the Battleship Iowa Museum.

Jonathan announced on Facebook that his grandfather regularly visited the USS Iowa. The USS Iowa was a sister-ship to the USS Missouri and was a convenient 15 minutes away from Ernest’s house.

A Miracle

However because the veteran is now in his 90s, he suffers from numerous health issues and is no longer able to visit the ship.

Unfortunately earlier this year, Thompson took a dangerous fall. Since then he has been unable to walk or stand.

However when he was visited by the chief selects, a miracle happened!

As the group sang the Navy’s march song, Thompson proudly stood up and saluted them!

After the group was done singing, they shook the veteran’s hand one by one.

Video Gone Viral

Thompson’s grandson happily posted on Facebook,

“My grandfather told me that it was one of the best days of his life”.

Jonathan then shared the entire video of his grandfather being honored online. Since originally being posted on August 13th, it has gotten more than 4.3 million views!

His grandson later said,

“I am so surprised and overwhelmed at the attention that it has received. I was so incredibly impacted by this that I felt other veterans should be able to experience this too”.

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