Video: Iraq War Veteran Faces Punishment for Confronting Military Faker


In outrageous military news, an Iraq War veteran who confronted a fellow college student for lying about serving in the Marines is now banned from his college campus and facing further punishment. You read that right: It is the real Iraq War veteran and not the military faker, the student who was committing stolen valor, who is facing disciplinary action by the college.

Pretty outrageous, wouldn’t you agree? Watch an interview with the Iraq War vet in the video below to hear his side of the story.

**Update** – Make sure to read the latest update to this story at the bottom of this post.

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Iraq War Vet Who Confronts Fake Marine is Banned from College Campus

Former Spc. Ryan Lonergan, who served in Iraq during his time with the Wisconsin National Guard, faces a hearing and punishment due to an incident at George Williams College. The incident in question took place in the school’s dining hall where the Iraq War veteran confronted another student who’d allegedly claimed to have served as a Marine infantry officer.

Lonergan says the other student approached him and told him wildly elaborate stories of his time in service as an officer in the Marines. Some of what the military faker said raised red flags with the Iraq War veteran, so he began to ask him some basic military questions that anyone that served should know.

After the student posing as a Marine couldn’t answer his questions, Lonergan pulled the man aside and offered him a chance to come clean. Lonergan said he did just that, admitting to never having served a day in uniform.

And that’s when the Iraq War veteran admits to raising his voice accusing the man of stolen valor and telling him to find another table to sit at in the cafeteria far away from him.

“For someone to steal the integrity of what men and women do for this country, it’s un-American and I wasn’t going to have it,” said Lonergan.

After witnesses notified school officials of the incident, Lonergan received notice that he was expected to attend a hearing and would banned from campus, except to attend class, until the matter was resolved.


Iraq War Veteran Shares Stolen Valor Incident in His Own Words

Former Spc. Ryan Lonergan discusses the incident at George Williams College with local news station in the video interview below.

Update on Iraq War Veteran being Banned from College Campus

There has been an update to this military news story since we first reported it for our readers. According to the Guardian of Valor website…

The college, after reviewing all evidence including taking eyewitness testimony, has concluded that Ryan in no way violated the College’s Disorderly Conduct Policy. Also the rumors being spread by other articles stating that Ryan forced the student to throw away his food and leave the cafeteria are false, at no time did Ryan force the student to do anything.

You can read the school’s official letter to Lonergan explaining their findings here.


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