Video: Iran Has Direct Ties to Death of at Least 500 U.S. Troops


Iran is directly linked to 500 U.S. military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. And as you will hear in the video below, the number of deceased U.S. troops Iran is linked too is most likely much higher. A spokeswoman for Senator Tom Cotton, the lawmaker who shed light on this death toll, said that Iran “has the blood of hundreds of Americans on its hands and this deal (Iran nuclear agreement) only gives them billions of dollars to continue killing Americans.”

This military news comes on the heels of the nuclear deal the Obama administration struck with the rouge nation whose support for anti-American militants has been confirmed to be connected with the deaths of at least 500 U.S. troops. This news will surely add fuel to the opposition’s fire regarding the Iran nuclear deal. Republicans have already vowed to fight to derail this deal, and our military ally Israel has condemned the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Iran EFPs Killed and Maimed U.S. Troops

According to this military news reported by,

Many of those estimated 500 deaths occurred during the so-called surge in Iraq, when President George W. Bush ordered an influx of tens of thousands of troops to confront what had devolved into a sectarian civil war. Scores of American personnel were killed or maimed by highly lethal bombs, known as explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, that Iran manufactured and supplied to Shiite militias across the border in Iraq. Many EFPs were powerful enough to destroy U.S. Humvees and breach tank hulls.

As you read further in the Military Times article you will learn more about these highly lethal, advanced roadside bombs which Iran was supplying to our enemies. You’ll also see information pointing to the fact there was most likely a higher number of deaths than the estimate of 500 American deaths.

That information comes from “David “Bo” Bolgiano, a retired Army Special Forces officer who deployed to Iraq in 2006 and 2007 with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, an organization created by the Pentagon to rapidly address the number of casualties inflicted by roadside bombs and other IEDs.”

Senator Tom Cotton asks Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford about Iran’s Link to Troops’ Deaths

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