Veterans Protest Outside Trump Tower


On Monday morning more than a dozen military veterans posted up in front of Trump Tower in New York City. All protestors stood with massive signs and severely stern expressions. Their many signs read slogans such as “#Vets Vs Hate”, “Vets are not props for HATE”, and even, “Trumpty Dumpty Didn’t Serve. Trumpty Dumpty Broke His Word”.

For the duration of Trump’s presidential campaign he has repeatedly made the claim that he has raised between 5 & 6 million dollars and has even donated 1 million of his own money to our veterans. However multiple sources have found evidence that this is not the case.


Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, says the actual total profits raised is actually closer to $4.5 million. Lewandowski also made the claim that more money was pledged than actually donated.

However CNN reported that Trump’s campaign has only donated $2.9 million to over 27 different veterans organizations. There has been no evidence found that Trump donated any of his actual money to these organizations.

Regardless of the total amount that has actually been donated, it is needless to say that these protesting veterans  feel complete disdain for Trump’s claims throughout his presidential campaign.

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