Veterans’ Grave Sites Robbed In Indiana City


What Happened

It has been reported that thieves in La Porte, Indiana have ransacked the graves of fallen veterans. AGAIN.

The thieves made off with prized bronze medallions that marked each grave stone.

“They were breaking them off for the bronze rods because they knew the medallions would be really hard to get somebody to take them,” said post commander Wayne Zeman.

Unfortunately since Memorial Day over 300 bronze stakes with medallions placed on veteran’s graves have been taken.

“It angers me as a veteran, just as a citizen,” said Air Force Veteran Ron Richie.

At this point local police have alerted scrap yards to be on the lookout for people trying to sell bronze stakes.


Public Opinion

Zeman angrily shared,

“It’s bad enough robbing graves and robbing veteran’s graves of, like I said, in a lot of cases the only thing that notates it’s a veteran’s grave in the first place,”.

Laid to rest at Patton Cemetery are veterans from both World Wars, Korea and even the Revolutionary War!

Once these stakes are removed there is nothing there to symbolize the sacrifices these fallen soldiers made.

“Some of them are irreplaceable. I mean we can’t even get the ones for the Revolution and that any more. So when we replace one of those guys, we just put one that’s kind of a generic one,” Zeman said.

Even with the local community and police force made aware of the situation, many believe that the situation simply is not preventable.

“If people are determined to steal, they will find a way. They will get in there when there’s nobody around and they will take anything of value. It’s really sad that these things happen,” Richie added.

Even so the local community is determined to return honor to these veterans’ graves. The Indiana community has rallied together in hopes to raise funds. At this point thousands have been raised in order to replace the stolen medallions.

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