Veterans Day 2015 – Thank You Military Veterans!


Veterans Day 2015 is here and we want to thank our military veterans for their service and sacrifice. But remember, Veterans Day is just one day a year – November 11. Let us all take the time – each and every day of the year – to pay tribute to our veterans and military service members.

Below we are sharing a few 2015 Veterans Day tribute videos which were originally shared by our friends over at Hero Giveaways on their Heroes in Action Veterans Day blog post featuring multiple military videos.

We hope you enjoy these Veterans Day videos. Take a moment today – and every day – to remember the sacrifice they made for our country. Without that sacrifice we wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms we enjoy in the greatest country in the world.

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Veterans Day Tribute 2015

Enjoy this tribute to the brave men and women of the United States military. The song for this video is called Not Forgotten. It can be found at

U.S. Armed Forces Anthems

Turn up the volume on your speakers for this one! Enjoy this military video featuring the anthems of every branch of U.S. Armed Forces.

U.S. National Anthem with Military Footage

Great video of our ‘Star Spangled Banner’ with military video footage.


Thank you again Hero Giveaways for sharing these Veterans Day videos and for all your support of Healing Heroes Network and their mission of helping injured military members.


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