Veterans Affairs Scandal Makes 2014 Top Scandals List Plus Your Top 5 Military Stories of 2014

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The Veterans Affairs scandal was one of the top stories of 2014 according to one list. Being named to The Hill’s list of 2014’s top scandals is certainly an honor the VA would be glad to not accept. It is, unfortunately, one of the top scandals of 2014 and one which we are continuing to see more fallout over.

Seeing that list, had us thinking about some of the military blog posts we’ve shared here at BuiltUSA. So, we thought we would compile a quick list of the top 5 military stories from 2014.

There was no scientific procedure of putting together our best 5 of 2014. We had no secret meetings and took no behind-the-scene votes. Instead, we turned the process over to you – our readers.

To pick the top 2014 military news stories from BuiltUSA, we took a look at which stories received the most readers and which received the most comments.

If you have any BuiltUSA military news stories that caught your eye or really triggered an emotional response, we’d love for you to share. You can link to your favorite BuiltUSA story in the comments below or tell us about a story you read somewhere else.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for your continued support. We wish you a successful and safe 2015!

Your Top 5 Military News Stories 2014

We’ll count down from #5 to #1 below. The story’s title will also be a clickable link so you can read the complete story if you missed it.

#5 Must-Watch First-Person Veteran Video from StoryCorps – We first saw this powerful military veteran video on the Get the Bikes blog and knew we had to share it with our readers. Marine Lance Corporal Travis Williams shares his story in two powerful video clips. If you need a reminder of the sacrifice our military service members make for our freedom and security, then these videos will definitely do it.

#4 Epidemic of Military Posers and What You Can Do About It – The number 4 story of 2014 is a follow-up of another story discussing a military faker viral video. In this story, Guardian of Valor founder Anthony Anderson – an Army staff sergeant who served in Afghanistan – described the growing problem of military posers. Our readers had a lot to say about this blog post.

#3 USS Ponce Uses Laser Weapon to Blow up Boat and Drone [Video] – When it comes to awesomeness factors, this military news story might be the clear choice for number one. The Navy made history when the USS Ponce tested a new laser weapon in the Persian Gulf. This was some of our favorite military video footage of the year.

#2 SC Landlord Tells Soldier He’s Not Welcome in Own Wife’s Apartment – Choosing between number two and number one on our list of the top military news of 2014 was tough. This story out of South Carolina certainly touched a lot of nerves with our readers as we received many comments of dismay and disgust. The reason it fell to the number two spot was that it recieved less readers than the military story in our number one spot.

#1 Iraq War Veteran Harassed by US Airways Flight Attendant – The top 2014 military news story on BuiltUSA as determined by reader comments and visits to blog post goes to this viral story. Eric Calley, a former Marine who served two tours in Iraq, copes with his post-traumatic stress disorder with the help of his rescue Doberman service dog. Calley was travelling with his service dog, Sun, from Florida to Detroit when he encountered harassment prior to boarding his flight and while aboard the US Airways flight.

Honorable Mention and Editor’s Choice – Wife of Paraplegic Veteran Receives Big Wedding Day Suprise [Video] – We wanted to share one last story with you. This one came close to cracking our top 5 military blog posts of 2014. We chose it as an honorable mention because it is a very inspiring story and a great one to start the new year with. So, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and check this one out!

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