Veteran with PTSD Kicked Out of Dollar Tree Because of Service Dog


Joshua Schutt served as a specialist in the U.S. Army for three years until he was injured and thus medically discharged.

Since coming home he has been struggling with severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder on a daily basis.

A major breakthrough in Schutt’s recovery came when he received a service dog!

The dog’s name is “Hero” and he is now a 4-year-old German Shepherd.

Schrutt expressed to reporters that Hero is an angel and helps him with daily tasks such as remembering to take his prescriptions, going out in society, and even waking him up when he experiences night terrors.

Last Thursday the pair were off running their usual errands when they were confronted by an employee at their local Dollar Tree.

The employee demanded that Schrutt get out as dogs were not allowed. The employee also taunted Schrutt by saying that Hero wasn’t a service dog at all, but merely a “comfort” dog.

The employee even went as far as calling the cops on Schrutt.

When deputies arrived they advised Schrutt to perhaps shop elsewhere due to the altercation.

Schutt was quoted saying,

“makes me feel unappreciated. It makes me wonder why I served”.

Since the incident Dollar Tree has released a formal statement explaining,

“Please know Dollar Tree is committed to allowing customers to bring their service animals to all areas of the store where customers are normally permitted”.

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