Donald Teague is an army veteran who currently works in construction and uses a trailer to transport his daily supplies. It was this past Saturday after, Teague took a break from his work, that he discovered someone had vandalized his carrier.

While he had been working, someone had spray painted the word “MOVE” along with an expletive all along the side and front of his trailer.

Teague admits that he had parked his trailer on Prairie Villa Drive. He parked here specifically because his client who he had been building fences and a pergola for was close to this location. He even shared that he specifically parked on Prairie Villa Drive rather than the closer Rock Canyon because Rock Canyon was a far busier street.

“If you got a problem with me, come to me and talk to me. Don’t vandalize my vehicle,” Teague said.

Without much thought or time passing after the incident, Teague angrily reacted.

Teague found a can a spray paint and scrawled a giant angry message on his trailer in response to whoever vandalized his vehicle.


Teague’s message read,

“Dear Coward,
If you wanted me to move my trailer why not just ask me?
Are you that much of a [expletive]? That you have to [sic] vandalize my work trailer? The trailer I use to make a living after serving my country.
Donald Teague”

Teague even included his phone number at the bottom of the message just in case the suspect was bold enough to confront him on the phone or hopefully apologize.

“At least they’re gonna get my message. I’m pretty sure got my message,” Teague said.

Neighbors that witnessed Teague tagging his own trailer were more than bewildered.

Bob Bates was one of the neighbors who witnessed Teague scrawling his own message.

Bates shares,

“He must’ve lost it because he went out there and I’m watching him. I won’t tell you what I said, but I’m like dude!”

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