Police have reported that a 17-year-old girl faces several charges, including Felony Homicide, after she hit and killed a 42-year-old veteran with an SUV as he was outside mowing his lawn.

The veteran killed in this unfortunate accident has been identified as Arnold Coates.

Police had originally stopped the SUV earlier that afternoon in order to serve the 34-year-old driver, Shawn Collier, with a warrant. At this point in time the teenage girl was just a passenger in the car. Officers quickly Collier into custody however as they did, the teenage girl jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off.

It was only a half a mile from where the police originally stopped the SUV that the teen ran into Coates as he was cutting his grass.

teen girl

“He was coming towards me, and before I could process what was going on, she just runs over him…lawn mower and all,” said neighbor Peter Chandler who, himself, almost was hit by the SUV.

After running over Coates, the teen crashed the SUV into a parked vehicle. She then ran to a nearby neighbor’s home in order to use the phone.

“She called a relative, and the relative told her to turn herself in, and that’s exactly what she did,” said Officer Brandon Maynard.

The teen’s father has publically announced,

“I’d like to give my respect to the family. I’m sorry it happened like this. My whole family is showing their respect and if there is anything they need we will be there for you all,” said Calvin Casey Jr., “I know my daughter has done wrong and there is nothing I can say. We just lost a family member so I understand what you all are going through and I’m very sorry.”

The teen girl is currently being charges with Felony homicide, hit and run, evading and eluding police and operating a motor vehicle with no driver’s license.

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