Veteran Fights Back Against Motorcycle Thief!


26-year old Brandon Jenkins hadn’t expected 31-year old Michael Monigold to rush out of his vehicle while the light was red and try to push him off his motorcycle.  But, that didn’t stop the young Afghanistan Veteran from defending his ride.  Watch the disturbing video below of the escapade.  Jenkins is thrown to the ground from his Monigold’s surprise attack.  But, it didn’t take long for Jenkins to find his military training and pulls Monigold right off of his bike and throws him to the ground.  By that time, police in pursuit of the suspect, Michael Monigold, who had fled a hit-and-run accident, had exited their cars and had guns drawn on Monigold.


‘I had instincts that kicked in and where I’ve been in life I learned to defend myself,’ he said. ‘And I don’t back down from anybody.’  Jenkins is quoted as declaring.


Monigold rushed back to his vehicle after Jenkins threw him on the ground and sped off leading police in a high speed car chase that ended later that night when Monigold crashed the stolen white truck he was driving on Interstate 10.  But, as he sped away from Jenkins, he was sure to drive over his motorcycle crushing it underneath the weight of the truck causing irreperable damage.


When Kawasaki head about this story, they gifted Brandon a brand new bike worth over $9,000.  Jenkins was elated with the gift as his old bike was very special to him as he purchased it after deployment in Afghanistan.

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