What Happened

Peter A. Kaisen committed suicide this Sunday in the parking lot of the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He had previously had been a patient at the VA hospital. The hospital is located in Long Island, New York.

Reports say that Kaisen was alone when he shot himself outside of Building 92. Building 92 is a nursing home at the hospital.

Two hospital officials came forward with tender information regarding Kaisen with the promise of anonymity.

One of the officials shared that he went to the emergency room seeking a mental health professional. When he was unable to see an emergency-room official he naturally became angered.

One official said,

“He went to the ER and was denied service…And then he went to his car and shot himself”.

One hospital worker was absolutely bewildered as to why Mr.Kaisen had not immediately been referred to the hospital’s mental health center. This same staff member admitted to reporters that although there normally was not a psychologist present in the Emergency Room, the mental health building was open 24/7.

“Someone dropped the ball,” the worker said. “They should not have turned him away.”

The Hospital’s Statement

Christopher Goodman is a spokesman for the hospital. He publically announced that there,

“was no indication that he presented to the E.R. prior to the incident”.

It is doubtful that anyone even made an official record of Mr. Kaisen’s visit.

Goodman also shared,

“the employees here at Northport feel this loss deeply and extend their thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by this tragedy”.

Due to the fact that Kaisen’s death occurred on federal property, the investigation was immediately put into the hands of the F.B.I. Lt. Kevin Beyrer shared that the VA police had contacted county police on Sunday at 12:31 p.m.

The Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center had long been under scrutiny for improper care and mismanagement.

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