Veteran Brings Active Shooter Training to Civilians in Nevada


James Cameron is the founder of Security Concepts Group. Cameron who is currently 42-years-old, joined the military right out of high school. He left shortly after in order to pursue a college degree however he promptly rejoined after 9/11. During his time in service he served as an Army Ranger during his tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. During this time he experienced multiple mass-casualty situations.

After serving, Cameron proceeded to work overseas as a contracted security specialist for the State Department. He says he provided protection for congressional leaders and high-ranking diplomats specifically in “high-threat environments”.

It wasn’t until 2009 that Cameron founded his very own security company. Although he originally focused his company’s efforts on providing protection to prominent figures he has recently extended his services to involve civilian training.

“Unfortunately, in this environment, active shooters and terrorist events are happening more,” Cameron said.

Cameron admits that Mass-casualty incidents are naturally impossible to prevent however those that get caught in the cross-fire can take life-saving action.

“What happens if somebody is shot and you were there? What happens if it’s you?” he says.

Cameron shares that his training is different when compared to others as it contains the missing key that most programs do not touch on: Medical training.

The medical training portion of Cameron’s PACE presentation- prepare, action, care, and evacuation- teaches individuals the use of life-saving techniques that could be utilized before emergency responders are able to arrive. Some of the techniques Cameron teaches is stopping blood loss by applying tourniquets and pressure as well as packing wounds.

When asked what his initial thought was when he hears the latest report of a mass-casualty incident, Cameron responded,

” I wonder how many people could have been saved. There are three categories after an active-shooter or terrorist event: alive, killed and wounded. There is no category that fits the mold of people who initially survive, but then bleed to death or die from their injuries. Experts know that an average person will bleed to death within two to four minutes based on the severity of the wound — that’s two to four minutes somebody has to live or die.

First thing that goes to my mind is: Here we go again. Second is: I hope somebody there is able to help, and could my training have saved somebody?”

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