Vet Taken For Thousands On Instagram Scam


We’ve all heard about the email scams from Africa or other far off places which ask for our bank account numbers or send us a check to cash and then ask for a large portion of it back for some ridiculous reason.  And these scams have hurt countless poor souls just trying to trust others.  So, we know now, not to open attachments from unknown senders, or to answer back someone on craigslist who wants to send us an ‘overpayment’ and expects us to send back half of the money.  We have seen this scam in our emails, our snail-mail mailboxes, on craigslist…  but, Instagram too?!

Who would have thought that on a primarily visually-based social media tool we would see the same kind of vicious robbery?  Well, Aleem King, a U.S. Army veteran and Missouri resident was taken in when he began receiving messages via Instagram from a company named ‘Primo Military Funds’ .  They offered him a job, where it seemed to good to be true.   He would only have to share information with his friends for a rich deal.   And, after they had paid King $5,000 into his bank account he thought he had found the real deal.  But, when they asked for $2,000 of it to be sent back which would pay for ‘legal services’ he began to have misgivings.

King, a young father of little boy with another baby on the way was struggling to stay above water with his young family.  When $17,000 went missing from his bank account only two weeks after Primo Military Funds had begun their dealings with Aleem, King knew something was dearly wrong.  King is now working three jobs to try and pay back the debt to his bank.  Which has subsequently shut his account down and delivered a new debt balance to Aleem, $29,000 is now the total he must repay.  King started a gofundme account hoping crowd sourcing might alleviate some of his debt.   The gofundme page can be found HERE.

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