VA Leadership Incompetence Could Take Down ISIS Says Congressman


VA leadership is outraged at Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) and his suggestion on how ISIS could be defeated. His solution: the Department of Veteran Affairs should also run ISIS because they’re so incompetent and would presumably run the terrorist group into the ground. Listen to Coffman sharing how he can envision VA leadership incompetence bungling ISIS beheadings in the audio clip of a radio interview with Mike Coffman in our blog post below. What do you think? Does the Colorado Republican have a valid point?

The Republican from Colorado, who has been a vocal critic of the Veterans Administration, joked about exporting VA leadership to our country’s enemies during his radio interview with 850 KOA in Denver. In that interview, Coffman shared his disgust with VA leaders who have now revealed that the cost of a new VA hospital in Aurora, Colorado had ballooned to $1.73 billion — far beyond its initial estimate.

He then went on to discuss the fact that, while claiming they don’t have the funds to complete the hospital in Aurora, the VA owns a $30 Mil. 5-star hotel in France which he considers another glaring example of bureaucratic waste. That topic then led Coffman to share the following thoughts which has those in the Veterans Administration upset.

Rep. Mike Coffman’s Remarks and the VA Response

Here is what Rep. Mike Coffman said which upset VA leadership.

“I was speaking before a group the other day and said, ‘It’s too bad we can’t take VA leadership and export it and give it to some of our adversaries around the planet. Let them suffer under VA’s leadership,’” Coffman said.

“Can you imagine if the VA was in charge of ISIS? You know they would probably say, ‘Oh yeah, you know, it wasn’t quite 2,000 that we beheaded. It was really — 24 is the accurate number,” he added. “And we’re sorry, that, in fact, they were all our own terrorists that we beheaded because it got misclassified in the system as Christian.’ I mean, that would be the VA in charge of ISIS.”

His “comments do not belong in our public discourse,” said VA spokeswoman Victoria Dillon in a statement. “Veterans and VA employees find them highly offensive. (VA) Secretary (Robert) McDonald has spoken to Representative Coffman.”

Of course, a Coffman spokesman went on to say that the Republican was obviously being sarcastic in the radio interview. His spokesman went on to suggest that those who are making this a point to be outraged over are doing so to cover up for what most veterans and Americans see and read almost daily – incompetence, cover-ups, delays and glaring problems at the Veterans Administration.

Listen to the Radio Interview with Mike Coffman

Here is the interview which was on 850 KOA in Denver, Colorado.

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