U.S. Troops to Front Lines in Key Mosul Battle Against ISIS?


Are military leaders sending U.S. troops to front lines in Iraq in a key battle to retake Mosul from ISIS? Reports are coming out that it is a possibility that U.S. military advisers could be moving closer to combat lines in order to help Iraq forces fight ISIS for control of Mosul. Do you believe the U.S. will use American combat troops against ISIS?

Airstrikes in northern Iraq this past week seem to be laying the groundwork for an upcoming Iraqi assault to retake Mosul from ISIS. U.S. military officials said that coalition forces focused on around two dozen locations around Mosul in an effort to disrupt Islamic State supply lines. Other ISIS targets like fighting positions, buildings and vehicles were also hit by airstrikes.

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A Yes or No on U.S. Troops to Front Lines

With so much being said by both the President and United States military leaders about not sending U.S. troops into direct ground combat in Iraq, will we now see a reversal in thinking when it comes to sending U.S. troops to front lines in order to help Iraq forces with an assault on Mosul?

Right now, military leaders say that this decision to put military advisors with Iraq units in Mosul very much remains a potential consideration. But at the present time, there is no definitive yes or no answer to the question. The recommendation, which would be made by Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Gen. Lloyd Austin, head of U.S. Central Command, depends on many factors.

Reason Why We May See U.S. Troops to Front Lines

It should come to no surprise that the biggest reason military leaders may make a recommendendation to President Obama that United States military advisers should be placed on the front lines would be whether or not they think Iraq forces are prepared to fight ISIS in Mosul by themselves. Military leaders – both U.S. and those from coalition forces – understand how important retaking Mosul in northern Iraq is in destroying the Islamic State terrorists.

Presently, Iraq forces that are most equipped to defeat the terrorist insurgents who hold Mosul are stationed around Baghdad. Iraq leaders will need to be convinced that these forces can safely leave the area and turn their attention to Mosul.

How the war against the ISIS in Iraq goes between now and the assault on Mosul will go a long way in determining both whether the best Iraq units leave Baghdad to retake Mosul and whether the question of U.S. troops to front lines becomes an absolute “yes.”

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