US Navy Commander Sells Out His Country and Command

090802-N-6720T-045 SINGAPORE (Aug. 2, 2009) Sailors man the rails aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) while underway off the coast of Singapore. George Washington, the NavyÕs only permanently forward deployed aircraft carrier, is on a scheduled port visit to Singapore. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Adam K. Thomas/Released)

A US Navy commander pleaded guilty on Tuesday in a bribery plot which involved a military contractor in Asia. The Singapore-based military contractor allegedly sought classified information and offered prostitutes, luxury travel and other bribes to Navy officers to obtain that confidential information.

Jose Luis Sanchez, a US Navy commander, is now the highest-ranking official to confess guilt in this conspiracy and bribery case. Previously, four others had plead guilty to the charges which were first filed in 2013.

“Commander Sanchez sold out his command and country for cash bribes, luxury hotel rooms, and the services of prostitutes,” alleged Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell.

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US Commander Admits Part in Plot

This high-profile case which involves multiple Navy officers first came to light in 2013. The scandal centers around an executive of a Singapore-based company that provided services to vessels at ports. That executive – Leonard Glenn Francis, who was known in military circles as “Fat Leonard,” – was arrested in 2013 and has plead not guilty to his part in the ploy.

Jose Luis Sanchez confessed to accepting bribes for steering Navy ships to Fat Leonard and his company Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd. Sanchez admitted to accepting $100,000 in cash bribes, prostitute’s services, plane tickets and a trip which included five days at Singapore’s luxury Shangri-La Hotel from Fat Leonard. The US Navy commander handed over classified information to Fat Leonard which Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd. used to overbill the Navy by at least $20 million.

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