US Military Veteran Travels to Syria to Fight ISIS with Kurds


An unidentified US military veteran claims he traveled to Syria to fight ISIS. How hard was it for the Iraq War veteran to make it to the front lines and fight against the Islamic State while not being a part of the United States military? According the unidentified US military veteran, it was as easy as going online to buy a plane ticket, using Facebook to reach out to a Kurdish group and passing a simple background check.

Was the veteran, who has multiple tours in Iraq, breaking the law by travelling to Syria to fight ISIS? That’s a murky subject. While it may not be illegal, the US State Department has stated their opposition to United States citizens going overseas on their own to fight with foreign armies.

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Unidentified US Military Veteran Shares Story of Fighting with Kurds

We read about this Iraq War veteran who claims to have been on the front lines in Syria fighting against the Islamic State terrorists in an interview on

The veteran, who didn’t want to his identity to be revealed and called himself John, described a relatively simple process for how a US citizen could end up on the front line fighting ISIS in Syria. First, he went online and bought a plane ticket. According to John, “It was that easy. It was like booking a flight to Miami Beach.”

Next, he went to a Facebook page for a Kurdish group known as the YPG and sent them a message about joining the fight against ISIS. “There was a Facebook page for it — shot them a message, expressed my interest, they got back to me, told me to send them, essentially, a resume for their vetting purposes,” John explained.

Then, according to the Fox News interview, “John was met at the airport in Iraq. And almost immediately, they drove him to the front lines.” While on the front lines in Syria, the US military veteran fought against ISIS alongside other foreign fighters including Americans, Britons and a Canadian.

To learn more about John’s story, make sure to read the interview.

What are your thoughts about American citizens and US military veterans joining in the fight against ISIS with foreign fighters?

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