U.S. Military Strikes in Syria Offer Unexpected Twist [Video]

030320-N-6141B-001 Rea Sea (Mar. 19, 2003) -- The Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) launches three of its Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAM) at military targets in Iraq. Donald Cook is part of the USS Harry S. Truman carrier battle group operating in the Red Sea in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Alan J. Baribeau. (RELEASED)

Here’s a twist to U.S. military strikes in Syria many did not see coming. We knew airstrikes were on the table. And, the United States military didn’t disappoint. In fact, the large-scale attacks on ISIS targets in Syria Monday night involved what may have been the most ordinance dropped in a single day since our military’s opening salvos on Moammar Gaddafi in 2011.

So what was the unexpected twist, you ask? Well, how about a nice serving of cruise missiles to go with those airstrikes? These Tomahawk cruise missiles were served up for ISIS by the United States Navy. Seems like a nice compliment to the bombardment coming from the air craft above Syria. Wouldn’t you agree?

Tomahawk Missiles Launched in U.S. Military Strikes in Syria

During the first night of ISIS strikes, the U.S. Navy launched 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles. The USS Philippine Sea, a guided missile cruiser, launched Tomahawk missiles from the Persian Gulf. The the USS Arleigh Burke, a destroyer. launched its missiles from the Red Sea.

Tomahawks are more effective when it comes to hitting stationary targets. Some of these missiles have a range of 1,000 miles and usually have a 1,000 pound warhead. We’ve included video of Tomahawk cruise missile launches on Islamic State targets in Syria shared by the Navy at the bottom of this post.

Large-Scale Attacks on Militant Targets in Syria

During President Obama’s ISIS strategy speech to American citizens and when news of the military leadership approving plan to strike ISIS in Syria, there was no hint of cruise missiles being included with airstrikes. Many “experts” also didn’t expect the U.S. military launching such large scale attacks initially.

As mentioned above, many people following these attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria think this was the most ordinance dropped in a single day since we hit Libya hard in 2011. U.S. Defense Officials stated that, along with Tomahawk cruise missiles, bombers, drones and fighter jets were used to drop ordinance on ISIS targets.

Navy Shares Videos of Tomahawk Missile Launches on First Night of U.S. Military Strikes in Syria

Were you surprised by the amount of ordinance dropped or that the U.S. Navy launched Tomahawk missiles as part of the U.S. Military strikes in Syria? Did we go far enough?

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