Under Armour Revolutionizes Performance Apparel Once Again with UA RUSH


Have you tried UA RUSH yet? Under Armour’s awesome new line of Steph Curry-endorsed workout gear is shaking up gyms all over America. The revolutionary fabric converts your body heat into energy, then redirects that power back into you. It’s basically an infrared sauna that you wear. It’s available now; give UA RUSH responsive workout gear a try and you’ll believe the hype.

Under Armour melds active mineral particles together to form a proprietary blend, which is then infused into fibers. These fibers are then woven into high-performance fabrics for the UA RUSH collection.

How Does It Work?

Under Armour’s newest performance apparel line is designed to be worn when you’re working hard. During workouts and competition, your body emits heat. A ton of it. Responsive UA RUSH fabric absorbs that thermal energy and converts it into infrared energy. It then re-emits that energy back into your body.

The result? Increased circulation, improved performance, and speedier recovery.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world are going crazy for UA RUSH since it was released a few weeks ago. Golden State Warriors guard and NBA MVP Stephen Curry swears by it and appears in the promotional materials. Heavyweight boxing champ Anthony Joshua is a convert, and so is women’s soccer player Kelly O’Hara. The UA RUSH collection includes fitted tees, long-sleeved shirts, and leggings. Pieces range from $45-$100, and are available now at UA.com.

Under Armour is a pioneer in tech performance gear, having introduced sweat-wicking fabric to athletes the world over way back in 1996. 23 years later, UA is still pushing boundaries, and still pushing athletes to perform at the best.

A few years back UA established itself in the Rest and Recovery space thanks to Athlete Recovery Sleepwear featuring TB12 technology, developed in collaboration with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady. The 2018 Athlete Recover collection was designed in collaboration with leading technology provider Celliant for athletes to wear immediately after an intense workout, beginning the recovery process long before they get home and into bed.

UA has again teamed with Celliant to produce the UA RUSH line. Thanks to UA RUSH, you no longer have to wait until after your workout or until you go to sleep to start reaping the benefits of athletic recovery. Recovery begins the moment your body temperature rises and you begin to emit thermal energy.

Ready to try out UA RUSH responsive workout gear? Check out some of our favorite pieces below, and see the full line at UA.com.

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