U.S. Marine Surprises His Mom And You Won’t Believe Her Reaction!


Sgt. Riggs, aged 24, who had been stationed in Japan for the last three years stopped into his mother’s school to surprise her upon homecoming. Paula Riggs, a teacher at Schrader Elementary School in New Port Richey was singing songs to the children in her class.  The same songs she sang to her own son when he was a child when in walked her son.


Paula could not contain her surprise and arose to leap into his protective arms.  The two cried and embraced while onlookers fought back tears of their own.  Her daughter Jennifer had organized the unexpected reunion when her mother had remarked that she wanted a tear-jerking surprise which brought her son home to her.

Sgt. Riggs was delighted to be able to make that happen and now that he is stationed in Virginia he will be much closer to his mom in the near future.


“At least he will be in the same time zone,” Paula remarked.

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