In US Army News – Army Website Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


The U.S. Army website was hacked yesterday. The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for hacking the U.S. military website and posting messages like this one: “Your commanders admit they are training the people they have sent you to die fighting.” The U.S. Army confirmed that their website was compromised but said that this U.S. Army website does not contain classified or personal data. This still poses a question that military officials do not want to address – How bad is America’s cyber-security when our own military infrastructure can easily be hacked by a hacker group like the SEA?

In the past, the pro-Syrian regime group Syrian Electronic Army has been linked to the hacking of numerous news media sites. In 2013, the SEA claimed responsibility for sending out a fake media tweet falsely claiming the White House was under attack.

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Officials Discuss Hacking of U.S. Army Website

Military officials shut down the website, which is a is a declassified public website – once they discovered it had been compromised. Here is part of the official statement from the United States Army.

“Today an element of the service provider’s content was compromised,” Army Brig. Gen. Malcolm Frost said in a statement. “After this came to our attention, the Army took appropriate preventive measures to ensure there was no breach of Army data by taking down the website temporarily.”

While this is thought to be the first time a U.S. military website has been hacked, readers may remember that U.S. Central Command had its social media accounts hacked by ISIS supporters. Those hackers posted threats like, ” “”AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING. WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS.” They also warned that the ISIS terrorists knew, “everything about you, your wives and children.”

Fox News Report Regarding U.S. Army Website

Here’s a brief news report video which aired on Fox News Tuesday regarding the Syrian Electronic Army’s alleged hacking of the website.

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