Trump’s Military Plans

As early as last year, during the presidential campaign period, Trump’s military plans have made headlines in numerous websites. Now that he is finally in office, which of those he promised will actually be implemented? We are yet to find out.

Donald Trump
Trump aboard the USS Iowa, Sept. 2015 / AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

Meanwhile, here’s a good background of what the newly elected president has in mind in terms of military related programs.

Trump’s Military Plan

In a nutshell, Trump intends to accomplish the following for national defense:

  • Army personnel of 540,000
  • Navy fleet with 350 ships from the current 272
  • Marine Corps with 36 battalions
  • Air Force with at least 1,200 fighter planes and jets
  • State-of-the-art missile systems and nuclear weapons as well as more military equipment
  • Battle plan to defeat or even eliminate ISIS and similar treats
  • Enhanced cyber security
  • Eliminate military related budget sequestration

us military

“I’m going to make our military so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody — absolutely nobody — is gonna to mess with us,” is Trump’s statement in context.

He cited potential security threats posed by North Korea, China, Russia, Iran and extremism, particularly Islamic in nature as the reasons behind this bold military move.

donald trump military plans

Additional Active Duty Personnel

The total number of active Army soldiers was supposed to be scheduled to drop to 460,000 this year (2017).

additional army personnel trump's plan
from the Donald J. Trump official website

Other than the Army, additional 13,000 sailors may be expected as well.

us navy trump plans
from the Donald J. Trump official website
Equipment and Infrastructure

The previous administration (Obama), spent billions of dollars developing missile defense systems. While the project isn’t completely successfully based on tests, Donald Trump aims to continue the process. The same applies to hastening the production and procurement of all other military equipment including submarines, tanks, bombers, nuclear warheads and more.

trump on military equipment
from the Donald J. Trump official website


In terms of cyber threats and attacks, it’s notable to mention how supposed Russian hackers were blamed for leaks during the 2016 presidential race, including Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

putin denies russian hacking on us elections 2016
Russia’s Pres. Vladimir Putin denies involvement during the 2016 US Elections hacking
Military Advisers

Trump expects Gen. Joseph Dunford and other high ranking military officials to present a military strategy to defend the U.S.’ interests against ISIS; if not, defeat the extremist group.

Gen. Joseph Dunford

Cost and Budget

Experts predict that the manpower increase as well as equipment and infrastructure upgrade may cost $90 billion per year in terms of military expenditures.

The Budget Control Act of 2011 resulted in military spending drop from 2010 to 2013 although there had been a marginal increase from 2014 to 2015.

us military spending
from the Donald J. Trump official website

How will the budget be procured? This part is quite unclear although The Donald did lay flat a plan including the following (quoted as is):

  • conducting a full audit of the Pentagon
  • eliminating incorrect payments
  • reducing duplicative bureaucracy
  • collecting unpaid taxes
  • ending unwanted and unauthorized federal programs

funding for the military budget

Among currently implemented federal programs, Obamacare may possibly be one of the first to go as the newly elected president believes it’s one of the reasons behind increasing unemployment rate and decreasing wages.

trump and obama

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