20 Trumpkin o’ Lantern

With just a few more days before Halloween, you better hurry up to prepare! What about that Jack o’ Lantern? Have you carved your pumpkin yet? You should definitely catch up with these guys who have certainly prepared their decorations ahead of the 2016 Presidential Elections. Presenting 20 Trumpkin o’ lantern inspired pumpkins! Enjoy!

Photoshop Battle Trumpkin

This one’s more of a PsBattle.

PsBattle Trumpkin

The same applies to this…


Hand Painted Trump Inspired Pumpkin

photoshop trumpkin

The succeeding two have utilized more paint colors


Some used light to highlight Donald’s carved face

lighted trumpkin
Hugh McMahon, Brooklyn, New York, Oct. 2015. (Photo by Damon Dahlen, Huffington Post)

Here’s another similar one

lighted trump pumpkin

Lightning or none, The Donald looks old here

old donald pumpkin

This has got to be the spookiest Donald Trump pumpkin!

spooky donald trump pumpkin

Others didn’t forget the famous wig

trumpkin with wig

With no wig, the pumpkin itself can make a hair fixture


This one made fun of Donald Trump’s pictured funny face
funny faced trumpkin

How about a background?


With a local football team

trumpkin with packers

Trump with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders perhaps?

candidate pumpkins

But the winning Trumpkin goes to:


But this is one humongous carving!

Jeanette Paras (cq) of Dublin sits beside her 374-pound Donald Trump pumpkin. She said the hair took six 31-inch blonde wigs, which she then painstakingly arranged to look like the trademark Trump haircut. She has been carving elaborate pop-culture and political pumpkins since 1988. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Doral Chenoweth III)
Jeanette Paras of Dublin. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Doral Chenoweth III)

Happy Trumpkin Halloween everyone!


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