Trump Supporters Turn House Into Giant American Flag


An American Flag House???  You Can’t Miss This!  Literally!

You have seen the roadside political signs promoting someone running for electable office.  We stand them in our yards, place them by apathetic or supportive businesses and organizations and on election days hold them in our hands trying to sway undecided voters to come our way.  But, one couple in Westmoreland County took their support to the extreme!

Leslie Rossi and her husband, whose family owns Westmoreland Mechanical Testing and Research which employs roughly 200 people, decided to make the house a political statement.  The motivation behind the paint job began when Leslie noticed the rising cost in health care for employees and the general apathy of politics and elections rampant in her community.  Rossi believes in the Trump ticket and that Donald’s entourage can ‘fix’ the health care debacle most Americans and their employers face.

Ending Obamacare is something Trump has promised to do and something that has gained him the vigorous support of Leslie Rossi and her husband.

“Companies just can’t keep up with it,” Rossi said. “We either have to charge our employees a higher percentage they pay, deductibles go higher, or a cheaper insurance that’s garbage. We’re paying more than we’ve ever paid before, and they’re not really getting a lot for it.”

Leslie hands out Trump hats and other freebies to the passer bys.

“The overwhelming response has been positive. People drive by and honk their horns and wave and some stop to take pictures and stand on the porch,” Rossi says, adding that a few have even stopped to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

What will happen to the giant American flag house after the election?  Rossi and her husband buy, restore and rent houses.  This one will be restored and repainted after the presidential election and then rented to an American family.

The American flag can be very controversial when we use it any way other than to display it on a flagpole.  A Colorado man was ordered to take his down because it was not on a flagpole.   This photographer who posted a photo of a newborn swaying in a hammock made from an American flag was harshly and widely criticized.   But, we know if you are displaying the flag in honor of our service members, our freedom and our history…  it shouldn’t be controversial it should be praised!

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