Dogs In The Military

Military dogs have contributed their services all over the world.  In Afghanistan, the Atlantic Magazine reported coalition troops depended on “the on thousands of military working dogs to help keep them safe, and make their jobs easier.”


Performing tasks like sniffing out:  explosives, drugs, people.

But, they also are more than that.  They train with their handlers, form a special unbreakable bond as they protect their pack.  They walk in front of the soldiers in known IED fields.


So, when their soldier handlers want to adopt their canine buddies they have the right to do so.  Under ‘Robby’s Law’ passed in 2000, named after a military dog handler who’s dog was being euthanized at the same time he was trying to adopt him.  Prior to 2000, it was common practice to euthanize the soldier dogs after their tours.


But, now hundreds of military canine handlers are outraged to find that the military ‘dumped hundreds of heroic military dogs’.

Ninety dogs adopted out, at the same time, under suspicious circumstances?” a soldier told theNew York Post. “Subcontractors are literally another layer of insulation to cover the BS.”

K2 Solutions


K2 Solutions holds the contract with the Pentagon to take control over the military dogs once they return from active service.  And many military dog handlers claim they have repeatedly contacted K2 and filed paperwork to adopt their canine friends with no reply from the privately held company.  


Much mystery exists over what exactly happened to the returning service dogs as according to their website, K2 Solutions sells highly trained dogs.  K2 Solutions runs a training facility for specialized skills in canines:   combat, counterterrorism and catastrophes.  The dogs have $75,000 to $100,000 in training. 


Many of the soldier handlers feel scammed by K2 and that they are profiting from the dogs instead of offering the handlers their legal right to adopt them.  

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