Tron (TRX) Full of Bounty, Disburses $25K To Five Developers


Few days after Binance compensated 31 selected Tron (TRX) traders with 5,000,000 TRX, the altcoin has announced it disbursed $25,000 to 5 developers who are actively involved in redefining the Tron community. This time, the selected developers reviewed Tron’s open-source code on GitHub and reported discoveries of bugs in the codes.

Tron declared that it launched GitHub Bug Bounty Program to encourage its developer’s community members to review Tron’s open-source code.

Tron team said the program was “launched with the aim of incentivizing global community developers to contribute to the development of Tron ecosystem and to exhibit unity in a decentralized world and the charm of decentralization.”

Interestingly, the outcome of the June GitHub Bug Bounty showed the readiness of Tron’s developers to see that the cryptocurrency’s code is free from bugs that may result in hackers intruding the platform maliciously.

Speaking about the development, Tron team said:

“Though individual capacity is limited, we believe in the infinite power of a united community. Through hosting events as such, we aspire to stimulate innovation and progress in Tron’s blockchain development efforts so as to create greater value at higher efficiency.”

Importantly, the GitHub Bug Bounty is now halted, however, it has been replaced with the Bug Bounty project for the MainNet, which is now completely transferred to HackerOne.

Below is the first face of the HackerOne Bug Bounty program:

Total reward: USD$25,000

Five developers each received:

  • USD$13,000
  • USD$6,000
  • USD$5,000
  • USD$500
  • USD$500

Twitter’s Visit To Tron Office Races Partnership Rumour

Tron lovers are still expecting the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, to open up on the relationship between the altcoin and Twitter, a popularly micro-blogging platform.

For now, there is no official statement from the Tron team if the visit was purposely for partnership, however, what used to be known of collaboration is that it is preceded by romance.

Remember that Tron community earlier speculated that there were underground works between Alibaba and Tron with some saying the former may adopt the later as soon as possible. Since the rumor came to life, there has been no official statement about it.

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