Transgender Bathroom Conflict


Just Pee Please!


So, you have to pee and you rush to the door only to find the absence of the traditional female or male imagery replaced by a single solid outline of a toilet.  Dismayed that you don’t have a gender bender political decision to make by opening a door?


So, is the rest of the country.


Here’s an idea:  Pee.  Just pee.  Then flush and wash your hands of this whole bathroom gender ordeal that we have been saddled with as if it mattered in the grand scheme of things.  I agree with the Donald on few things but this is one of them:  If you look like a man, use the mens’ bathroom, if you appear female, please go into the womens’ bathroom.  As we have always done.  And then, please…  let’s stop talking about it!


And yes, let’s use some common sense on the issue.  If a disabled child or adult requires assistance from a member of the opposite sex to utilize the public restroom let us not make that against the law like in North Carolina.



The law is more about singling out transgender people and discriminating against them then it is about protecting little girls in public bathrooms.      And other governing organizations are following the example set forth by Carolina like the tribal leaders of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.      Lawmakers in the following states are gearing up to pass their own form of ‘transgender bathroom law’ like:   Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Time will tell if they can find the support to pass such legislation. Oklahoma’s Tulsa which just saw its form of transgender bathroom law fail in the state legislature.


So, now the ‘bathroom debate’ is cluttering the courts with elaborate deliberation on how to handle things going forward.  The Justice Department informed North Carolina that their new ‘bathroom law’ “violated federal civil-rights laws”.  To which the Governor of North Carolina countered with a lawsuit asking the courts to clarify if the law was in fact ‘against the law’.  To which the Justice Department filed another suit asking the courts to rule that the N.C. is against the law.

It almost seems as if this controversy began with intentions of distracting us from something more pertinent to our safety…  like Iran or the presidential election.  But now run amok, Brad Paisley sung about it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in which he parodies Tammy Wynette’s classic ‘Stand By Your Man’ with amended modern lyrics warped to the issue.


When the Obama the administration decreed that all U.S. public schools should allow transgender students to utilize the bathroom of the gender to which they identify, Texas Gov. Greg Abbot quickly declared that Texas would sue for the right to discriminate if they so choose.


What does the American public say about the issue?  They’re not really sure.  No one ever asked us before.  But, the majority of Americans DO believe that the governments of our states or even our country have no place creating laws surrounding the issue.

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