Tiki Cocktail Recipes That Don’t Suck


Sometimes, relaxing with a frozen drink seems like the only cure for the summer’s brutal heat. And what better way to do that than with tiki cocktails?



They’re not just for the denizens of Gilligan’s Island anymore, tiki drinks are back in a big way. Served in ceramic mugs shaped like surf-able waves or hula skirts, tiki drinks can viscerally evoke a breeze right off the ocean, and their volcanic potency may even transport you to a remote deck chair. 

We set out to find the best ones around, and found some of the most tropical cocktails in the densest of concrete jungles, and from some serious barkeep. As tiki makes its residency known in craft cocktail culture, go ahead and prep your very own home tiki bar (that is, if you can’t find a local thatched-roof hut to set up shop under) and get sipping.

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