This System Makes It Easy to Get a Workout In, Even When You’re On the Go


Whether you’re just starting suspension training or you’ve been using TRX excercises to improve your lifts, you need equipment that won’t only withstand weight and wear and tear, but will also provide maximum results. The telltale yellow-and-black strappy machines don’t just belong in the gym, however—they can easily fit into your home, too.

The TRX Suspension Trainers are a high impact system that allows you to achieve a full body workout whether you’re traveling or in the privacy of your home. Equipped with anchors and accessories including foot cradles, suspension trainers and barrel lock adjusters, this innovative system helps you diversify your workouts to reach your fitness goals. Each trainer can also hold up to 350 pounds and comes with a free one-year app subscription. It’s a great addition to your gym membership, except you won’t have to wait on machines or spent a small fortune on your own personal trainer.

You can choose from three training bundles— the TRX Home2, TRX Pro4, and TRX Tactical to hit the ground running. Scroll down to learn about the TRX Suspension Trainers, and be sure to check out our favorite TRX exercises.



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