3rd Presidential Debate Highlights

With the third and final debate between contenders Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton already culminated earlier, their statements may either solidify your decision to stick with your preferred candidate or convince you to switch to the opposing side.

So here are the presidential debate highlights in case you missed the event or some important facts served by either party.

Donald described Hillary as “such a nasty woman.” 

Donald to Hillary such a nasty woman

It was actually towards the end but is worthy to be served here first.

Clinton – Trump “thinks belittling women makes him bigger.”

Trump “thinks belittling women makes him bigger.”

Clinton on the Supreme Court

This was the first topic. Hillary nailed it.

hillary clinton on the Supreme Court presidential debate

Trump vs Justice Ginsburg

Donald, instead focused on himself and the issue with Justice Ginburg.

trump and justice ginsburg

On Gun Control

Clinton wants to control gun ownership

clinton on gun control

Trump is endorsed by the National Rifle Association

The NRA endorsed Trump due to his stand on gun ownership

trump is pro gun ownership

Trump’s Poor Spanish Attempt

The Trump business empire mogul wants to deport “bad hombres.”

Trump to deport bad hombres

This was on the topic of immigration.

Trump’s Plan to Build a Wall on the Mexican Border

trump build a wall

Border Patrol Agency Endorsement

The National Border Patrol agency endorsed him due to his stance on solidifying the Mexican border walls.

nbpc endorsement of trump

Mexican President won’t Pay for the Wall

This ensued a Twitter was with Trump

Mexican President won't Pay for the Wall

Trump will not concede if he loses

Trump will not concede if he loses

This was by the the end of the debate

Trump TV?

Before the debate started, Trump teased about an unbiased media through Facebook live.

trump facebook live

Some speculate the possibility of Trump starting his own TV company.

Trump and Clinton on Abortion

This is one of the topics where both candidates expressed sensible, albeit contrasting points.

clinton on abortion

Clinton was always pro-choice

Roe vs. Wade

This controversial case was referenced during the debate for the abortion topic.

Roe vs. Wade

Trump was against abortion since early this year

trump against abortion

Clinton WikiLeaks

Hillary tried to explain the full context of her statement.

Clinton WikiLeaks

Clinton Labelled Trump a Putin Puppet

She also attempted to divert the topic towards Russian hackers.

Trump Putin puppet

Trump’s Sexual Assault Cases

Allegations against The Donald also resurfaced; he simply dismissed them.

Trump's Sexual Assault Cases

Election will be Rigged

He also once again repeated the same warning that the election will be rigged.

trump warns election may be rigged

Full Debate Video

Here’s the complete debate video from NBC News


Complete Transcript of the Debate

Vox.com posted a transcript of the entire debate from start to finish. You can read it here.

full transcript 3rd presidential debate

First and Second Debate

As for the first and second presidential debate highlights, you can find them through this post:

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Presidential Debate 2016 Highlights

God bless America!

May you choose who to vote wisely!

military pride with us flag

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