Brian Wilhite is a U.S. Army veteran who has been training for the Wounded Warrior Project bike ride for quite some time. Unfortunately his training and his hopes to participate have come to a depressing halt.

A recently captured security feed shows a thief in the act of stealing Wilhite’s bike right off his front porch.

Wilhite reports that nothing like this has ever happened in his neighborhood and he previously had no issues or worries when securing his bike in the front porch of his home…until now.

“It had a really good bicycle lock and chain on it, I’ve got a security camera”.


It was when Wilhite awoke on Tuesday morning that he was shocked to find it gone. He immediately ran to his security camera and began sifting through the most recent hours of surveillance it had recorded.

It was around 2:00a.m. that Wilhite finally found footage of the culprit in action!

After witnessing the footage, Wilhite shared,

“The individual came across my yard and avoided my camera and clipped the lock and cable and dragged it out”.

For Wilhite, losing his bike was absolutely devastating. It was far more than just a bike, it was an important source of therapy for Wilhite.

The bike had cost Wilhite about $2,000 and without it there is no way he will be able to ride in the upcoming Wounded Warrior ride.

Wilhite expresses his reaction as,

“Anger. I was crushed…I had a Wounded Warrior flag on the bicycle itself and for somebody to just take that was really sad to me. That meant the world to me. I was really not just looking forward to it, it’s therapy“.

Wilhite has high hopes that someone will notice the bike and report it.

“Please return it…If you return it, I won’t press charges. I just want my bike back. It’s more than just a bike”.

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