The Total-Body Workout That’ll Help You Get Killer Abs


Gym rats get excited over Leg Day, Arm Day, Chest Day—but Core Day, not so much. For most of us, abs work is an afterthought, tacked to the end of a workout, when there’s not much left in the tank. And it’s monotonous. To make a dent in your midsection takes thousands of situps, planks, ab rolls, pikes, and more.

There’s a better way. You can actually tweak moves you’re already doing, transforming them into core killers. It’s not just a time-saver, either. This circuit, created by Matt Pudvah, a strength coach in Manchester, MA, hits deep core muscles, as well as the obliques and smaller muscles in the lower back.

Abs aside, this is a legit total body workout. To emphasize cardio, choose lighter weights, move through the reps faster, and go for more rounds. To focus on building muscle, grab heavier equipment, slow down the moves, and complete fewer rounds.

Either way, your abs will be screeching without a situp in sight.

Get to Work

Do 8 reps of each move (except for the pullups—do 6 of those), rest for a few minutes, then repeat 2 to 4 times. Do this workout once a week, slotting it in on a strength-training day.

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