The Best Microbreweries in Beijing


Beijing probably isn’t the first city that comes to mind when you think of craft beer, but the past five years or so have seen a surge of microbreweries sprouting about with high-end brews.



Yeah, bet you didn’t think you’d find a solid IPA in China.

The immensity of Beijing gives the small-batch nature of these beers a certain appeal. Even locals can turn drinking into a special experience since, more likely than not, you have to venture down a hidden alley or enter a speakeasy-type taproom.

While many of the microbreweries were started by foreigners who brought their taste for strong American IPAs or dense Belgian wheat beers with them to Beijing, more and more are being opened by native Beijingers.

The best part: You can’t get these beers outside of China, so you’ll have to visit for a taste. Skip the Tsingtao and Snow beers, and opt for a pint from one of these spots instead.


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