Texas Veteran Battling VA For Life-Saving Treatment


A Serious Diagnosis

Greg Hass is a retired Army veteran who currently lives in East Texas. It was in 2011 that Hass was diagnosed with mucosal melanoma cancer. Mucosal melanoma is an extremely rare form of melanoma. Over have of mucosal melanoma cases begin in the head and neck area.

Unlike many cases of melanoma, mucosal melanoma is not related to sun exposure. Doctors told Hass that he only had six months to a year to live.

“Mucosa melanoma makes up less than 1% of cancer. The doctor’s option was to cut off your face, you might have six months to a year to live. That didn’t sound good to me. I’m going to survive another day,” Greg says.

It has been five years since Hass received this diagnosis. Thank to multiple surgeries, Hass has come out on top.

However at this point, Hass must get his nourishment through a feeding tube. Unfortunately Hass ran into some trouble getting his treatment completed at his local VA.

Trouble From The VA

“At that time I was put on tube feeding. They had issues getting the nutritional order to Longview. At one point, I was told the nurse doesn’t have time to see you today, she’s too busy. My order may be laying on their desk or inbox, but they have no record of it,” Hass says.

“Absolutely unacceptable to say I do not have time for you, not okay to lose the paperwork,”  says wife Lynne Hass.

Hass pleaded that his local VA would fix his life-sustaining order.
“You people are killing me by not providing these nutrients. Their lack of integrity, their lack of commitment, I need this to live,” Greg says.

With no changes or help from the VA, Hass refuses to stay quiet.

“We have people, veterans , that have been waiting two to three years to get the treatments they require. The VA has failed the American people. I will
be there Monday morning to get this case resolved because I need these nutrients to survive,” says Greg.

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