Teens Beat Veteran With Club For Helping Lady


Teens Gang Up & Beat Combat Veteran With Club For Helping Lady

8-year combat veteran Nick Dee had just finished taking his step-daughter to the batting cages when they pulled up behind a woman in her car being yelled at by three teenagers. Dee thought the woman looked quite scared and wanted to help her.

Nick began to honk his horn trying to get the teenagers attention. They spun around and got behind his car, Nick got out of his car as did the angry trio. Words and fists were thrown in the air, as Nick was pulled to the ground and the small group continued to wail on him.

A bystander recorded part of the beating and shared it with news circles. In the video, Dee can be seen on the group taking blows to the body and head with golf clubs. “They clearly intended to maim or kill me.” Dee recalls.

Police are still looking for the group accused of beating Dee. They were last seen escaping the scene in a white 1990’s Ford F150. Authorities suggest that whenever dealing with anyone who exhibits symptoms of road rage to: roll up your windows, lock your doors, never exit the vehicle and try to leave the situation as soon as possible, alerting officials once it safe to do so.

In Dee’s recorded interview with reporters (in the video below), you can clearly see the heinous wounds he suffered to his face alone.

Although the brave combat veteran walked away with far more than just a few scratches, he certainly did a heroic deed in diverting attention away from the woman that could have been the group’s helpless victim.

“Those guys were aggressive and violent for no reason,” Dee said. “They need to be held accountable.”

If caught, all three are likely facing Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon charges.


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