Sub-Hunting Navy Robotic Ghost Ships Close to Deployment

An aerial stern-on view of the Russian Northern Fleet AKULA class nuclear-powered attack submarine underway on the surface.

Navy robotic ghost ships hunting down enemy submarines are not a thing of science fiction. In fact, these sub-hunting robotic ghost ships just passed a critical testing stage putting it one step closer to deployment and changing naval warfare as we know it. Check out the video of the Anti-submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) below.

Not to be confused by this stealth Navy ghost warship we previously reported on, this Navy ship is unmanned. The ACTUV recently successfully completed six weeks of testing. The tests showed that robotic ghost ships can navigate open seas and complete an autonomous trip without crashing into rocks, shoals, or erratically behaving surface vessels.

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Why Deploy Navy Robotic Ghost Ships?

Why is the Navy focusing its attention on deploying ghost ships to hunt and destroy submarines. There are multiple reasons. First on the list is dealing with today’s stealth diesel-electric submarines which are nearly noiseless and hard to track.

Some reports state that, “Russia has been selling diesel-electric subs to buoy its shipyards, triggering what some are calling an undersea arms race. Reportedly, Algeria has ordered two, Venezuela is expecting five, and Indonesia will have six subs by 2020. Iran claims to have a fleet of 17 diesel-electric subs.”

Second is that it is both expensive and not as efficient to hunt enemy submarines the way the U.S. Navy does it now. Presently, the military uses its expensive nuclear-powered submarines to chase down and track enemy submarines.

And third, these robotic navy ghost ships are less expensive to build than the Navy’s submarines. They are also less expensive to operate and can be deployed for months at a time while hunting down enemy submarines.

Navy Ghost Ship Video

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