Stranded Veteran Saved by Local Police Department!


A returning combat veteran is finally home with his family thanks to the amazing help of the Kennewick police department in Washington.

Police shared that they came across the veteran when his car ran out of gas and he was essentially stranded. The combat veteran had just returned from Afghanistan and had spent the last of his money on gas to fund his journey from California to Montana to be with his family.

The police officers who found him were more than happy to fill up his tank and send him on his way using the KPD Community Care Fund.

The KPD Community Care Fund consists of funds donated by local citizens and local businesses. The Kennewick Police Department also hosts fundraising events in order to contribute to the KPD Community Care Fund.

stranded veteran

Sgt. Ken Lattin of the Kennewick Police Department was quoted saying,

“It makes you feel good to be able to help somebody who is having some not so good times right now.. If you can imagine being stranded in a crazy city where you don’t know anybody and you have no gas and no money—but thanks to the generosity of our community we were able to help them out and get him on his way”.

Sgt. Lattin commented that the veteran was truly touched and incredibly grateful for the help he received. He also insisted on paying them back as soon as he could however the officers insisted it was the least they could do for the veteran’s service to our country.

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