Stop Soldier Suicide Addresses Epidemic of Military Suicide


Bill O’Reilly addressed the epidemic of U.S. military suicides in a recent Personal Story segment on Fox News. O’Reilly spoke with a military veteran who attempted suicide and also Brian Kinsella, Founder of the Stop Soldier Suicide organization. In the segment the men discussed why 22+ veterans and 1 active duty soldier commit suicide each day and how vital it is to make military suicide a priority. Watch the full segment below.

The non-profit organization Stop Soldier Suicide calls itself “the first national civilian not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing active duty and Veteran suicide.” Founded and led by former military and active-duty military, the organization takes “a unique “triage” approach to helping those who seek us out. (and they) “fill the gap that other organizations are simply unable to do right now.”

Fox News Addresses Epidemic of Military Suicide

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