Stars on Plastic Surgery: Recognizable and Unrecognizable Difference Before and After

Stars on Plastic Surgery
Hollywood is a cruel world to grow old.  It is a place where the young, nubile, and juvenile stars are preferred so older starts try to be younger looking as much as possible.  Thanks to plastic surgery, many of such celebrities are indeed able to maintain a youthful appeal. Not all under the knife procedures gain positive results though. Here are some recognizable and unrecognizable stars on plastic surgery with their before and after photos.

Donatella Versace

There is no need to take a look at her before and after photos in order to notice that her lips were enhanced. In her case, it is more like a botched job from an incompetent plastic surgeon.

Donatella Versace before and after surgery

Renee Zellweger

According to rumors, the Norwegian actress had plastic surgery in order to hide her Norwegian physical characteristics. Unfortunately, she ended up looking a villain in a Thor movie in some angles.

Renee Zellweger before and after surgery


Here is a good comparison of how the Queen of Pop’s look had transformed over the past few decades.

Madonna before and after surgery

Madonna’s Hands

Looking at her previous photos may not automatically confirm a cosmetic surgery suspicion. If you look at her hands though, the secret may be revealed. Botox can only halt the natural progression of age from her face but cannot erase the signs of aging on her hands.

Madonna's Hands

Her hands look so much better these days though through a treatment supposedly costing £250 per session.

Madonna’s Rocking Body

Her figure results from a rigid fitness routine and has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery. She also lands on our fountain of youth list of 50+ years old stars who don’t seem to age.

Madonna's Rocking Body

Her muscles are noticeable at the shoulder area

Heidi Montag

She became obsessed with plastic surgery as if staying true to her character in “The Hills.” Compared before, she has a narrower waistline, fuller breasts, and a more chiseled face today.

Heidi Montag before and after surgery

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop is another classic case of very recognizable surgeries to the point that if only he can alter his DNA through surgery, he would have done so. He was not nearly white before he died; he actually looked like a ghost.

Michael Jackson before and after surgery

Michael Jackson’s Surgery through the Years

Here’s a timeline of MJ’s transition from black to white after undergoing various surgeries through the years.

Michael Jackson's Surgery through the Years

Michael Jackson Suffered from Vitiligo

But the Jackson 5 alumni’s surgeries were not entirely due to superficial reasons. He actually suffered from vitiligo, a skin condition which leaves white patches on his naturally dark skin, making it look unappealingly uneven.

Michael Jackson Vitiligo

Bruce Jenner

Now called Caitlyn Jenner

Do you still need before and after photos to recognize the differences?  I’m sure you don’t; unless you have been hiding under a rock since Bruce Jenner’s athletic days or you simply don’t keep up with the Kardashians.

bruce to caitlyn jenner

Melanie Griffith

Before her plastic surgery she was once called Ms. Natural Beauty. Now, the ex-wife of Antonio Banderas is a walking reminder why one should think twice before deciding on a surgery makeover.

Melanie Griffith before and after surgery

Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing star who became a contestant in Dancing with the Stars isn’t heavily guilty with cosmetic surgery. A simple nose job though made her a little bit unrecognizable to her loyal fans who had memorized every inch of her face.

Jennifer Grey before and after surgery

Courtney Love

Gone now are her Grunge looks when she was still married to Kurt Cobain. While she looked more classy and beautiful later on after that tragedy; apparently, she regretted the nose job and over injection on her lips. Changes to her facial features are quite evident through photos below, which expands into three decades of surgical procedures. It may as well be considered aging beautifully, aided by surgery.

Courtney Love over the years

Kylie Jenner

She denied having she her lips filled in order to look better. But experts are convinced that she had undergone at least over a dozen surgical procedures.

Kylie Jenner before and after surgery

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Those pouty lips had even resulted into memes and a popular challenge. Girls (and boys) attempted to achieve the same duck lips using a shot glass, bottle openings, or any other object to expand their lip size.

Here’s a compilation video of foiled attempts.

Other stars on plastic surgery with either recognizable or unrecognizable differences with their before and after photos include Li’l Kim, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Kelly Rowland, Joan Rivers (may she rest in peace), Jocelyn Wildenstein, and more. The surgeries involve the usual breast implants, nose jobs, and the trendy lip injections.

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