Standoff Between Vietnam Veteran & Repo Man!


Dan Riley is a military veteran. Riley is a disabled Vietnam War veteran. Unfortunately, Riley had fallen behind on his car payments and was put in an even more stressful situation. While at a family member’s home one evening, Riley noticed that the repo company was approaching the home.

How It Happened

As Riley noticed the repo company slowly backing up its truck to Riley’s car, Riley panicked.

He immediately ran outside, got in his car, and locked the doors.

After Riley refused to speak to the repo men or get out of his vehicle, the repo company was left with no choice.

They were forced to contact local authorities.

It wasn’t long before San Diego police were on the scene.

“They said if I didn’t get out, the owner of the company would have a citizen’s arrest done to me,” said Riley.

Riley admits that he was behind in a $10,000 loan which led to his current predicament.

repo man

The Standoff Ends…

After several hours of back and forth, and Riley refusing to budge, the standoff finally came to an end.

Tim Short of Short Recovery Service shared,

“We contacted the finance company,” said Short. “It was their determination to leave the car and bill them. They’ll deal with him on a civil matter.”

Although Riley experienced this minor victory he has in no way won the war. He admits that he simply doesn’t have a way to get out from under his current state of debt.

“I don’t know, I really don’t,” he said. “Maybe just let them have it back.”

After hearing about Riley’s story, one local woman is trying to do everything in her power to help out his current situation.

This amazing volunteer does not want to be identified. She has even been able to raise funds and open a bank account for Riley in order to help him start making payments.

“I’m simply amazed,” Riley told reporters. “Makes you feel so good inside.”

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