So Much Cutting-edge Tech and Cool Gear Is On Sale at Touch of Modern


Touch of Modern is one of those amazing sites where we wish we could buy everything. Packed with innovative, cutting-edge products, it’s the ideal site for guys to get our hands on the latest and greatest in gadgets, gear, and goods. And every day, Touch of Modern adds a bunch of new products to its sale page. Here are some of the awesome products on sale now at Touch of Modern.

Touch of Modern is great because, like us, it’s kind of all over the place. Touch of Modern understands that guys have a wide variety of interests. There’s a vast assortment of fashion and watches, of course. But beyond that, Touch of Modern has an amazing selection of products for the home and for life, encompassing outdoor activities, gaming, dating and relationships, furniture, tech, audio, kitchen and backyard gear, and so much more. We could spend hours scrolling through its deals.

What Exactly Is Touch of Modern?

Touch of Modern is a thoughtfully curated, discovery-based site that offers the best in design and innovation. It’s reminiscent of those high-tech, cutting-edge stores (Sharper Image, Brookstone, Spencer’s, et al) you used to explore in the mall as a kid, and just be blown away at the innovation. Except, of course, it’s geared for men.

If you’re familiar with Touch of Modern but haven’t visited in even just a week or two, go back right now and check it out. You’ll find that it’s all new stuff. And it’s all fantastic. The site adds about 250 items a day to the sales log, so it’s constantly rotating and evolving.

Catering to male millennial tastemakers, Touch of Modern focuses on unique, hard-to-find, and new-to-market products you won’t see at traditional retailers. It was named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. for two consecutive years. And its founders were named among the “Forbes 30 Under 30” in 2016.

Are you one of the 14 million Touch of Modern members? If not, you will be after checking out this selection of stuff. These sales end early next week, so you’d better hurry.

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