Shocking Video of Obese ISIS Executioner Capture


An obese jihadi who goes by the name ‘Bulldozer’ has been captured by the Syrian army.  The masked militant is seen shirtless, with his hands tied behind his back as he laid in the back of a truck as onlookers took pictures of the captive.




Usually donning black robes and a mask which covers his face, the butcher known as the ‘Bulldozer of Fallujah’ is known for creating amputees of children and beheading captives with a 3-foot sword.  He rise to international awareness came when a story broke about a 14-year old Syrian boy was captured by ISIS and had refused to fight for them.  Upon which, the group gathered a crowd and set the child before the ‘Bulldozer’.  They tied his leg and hand down and put his other hand on a wooden block.  The ‘Bulldozer’ then cut off his hand with a butcher knife and laid it in front of the boy.  Then he caught of his foot and laid it by his hand in front of the boy.



Onlookers cheered and celebrated at the ‘Bulldozers’ capture.  One less sadistic madman wielding a sword today.

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